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Harold J. Pettegrove Award


The Harold J. Pettegrove Award is presented annually in recognition of outstanding service to intramural athletics. Nominations can be submitted by anyone in the intramural program. The nomination page generally opens for submissions in early February, and remains open into mid-March. Voting will take place in early April at the End of Year Affiliation Meeting.


About Harold James Pettegrove

Harold James Pettegrove was a member of the MIT Class of 1970, but died in 1969 before finishing his degree in metallurgy. The Harold J. Pettegrove Award symbolizes MIT’s ongoing interest in the ideals represented by intramural sports in an academic community. The intramural program at the Institute embraces dozens of sports and thousands of athletes at all levels of competition. The fact that a balanced and rigorous athletics program flourishes at the nation’s leading technological university is an expression of MIT’s commitment to the philosophy best expressed by President Stratton during the period of Mr. Pettegrove’s attendance: “Society asks more than sheer intellectual ability – it demands also moral hardiness, self-discipline, a competitive spirit, and other qualities that in more old-fashioned terms we might simply call character.”

Past Winners

Award Year Award Recipient Graduating Year
2022 Selam Bulti ’23
2020 Wesley Block ’22
2019 Ahaan Rungta ’20
2018 Matt Nicolai ’18
2017 Lee Weinstein graduate student
2016 Alex Dalzell ’17
2015 Jenna Klein ’15
2014 Greg Kravit ‘15
2013 Leah Alpert ‘13
2012 Quantum Wei ’15
2011 Michelle Nason ’11
2010 Heather McDonald ’11
2009 Paul Blascovich ’09
2008 Paul Blascovich ’09
2007 Matthew Williams ’07
2006 Benjamin Kendall ’06
2005 Billy Waldman ’05
2004 Kent A. Ross ’04
2003 Richard A. Hovan ’03
2002 Todd S. Stefanik G
2001 Rory P. Pheiffer ’02
1987 Jeffrey Klohr ’87
1986 Carolyn Beer ’86
1985 Cary Ditmer ’85
1984 Kevin Coffey ’83
1983 Richard Norton ’83
1982 Michael Colucci ’82
1981 Steven Aschkenase ’81
1980 Steven Pettinato ’81
1979 Jason Tong ’80
1978 Craig Walloch ’78
1977 Edward Cluss ’77
1976 Robert Halstead Jr ’75
1975 Thomas Stagliano ’73
1974 Michael Cucchissi ’75
1973 Stephen Cochi ’73
1972 Kenneth Weisshar ’72
1971 Robert Dresser ’71
1970 Michael Goldman ’70

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