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GAME Winning the Beaver Cup

Beaver Cup

The Beaver Cup is a year-long accumulation of points across all IM teams and all sports. The points factor in categories such as repeat participation, captains meeting attendance, not forfeiting, and winning your league. The goal is to create some interface among departments, labs, and living groups across all sports.


The Intramural Executive Board introduced the Beaver Cup in the fall of 2016 under the leadership of President Alex Dalzell ‘17. The Exec Board created the new initiative in hopes to encourage interaction and excitement among IM teams that stem from the same group but compete in different sports. Eligible participants in the Beaver Cup (Affiliated groups) are awarded points for winning different leagues throughout the year. The group with the highest cumulative score at the conclusion of the academic year is crowned the Beaver Cup Champion.

“More than anything, we hope the Beaver Cup gives people a reason to be more excited about Intramurals. The idea is that the Beaver Cup will give our participants an excuse to play more often or try a new sport, it will give them something to talk about and look forward to with their friends, and ultimately, it will let them have more fun while they’re playing. When you think about mental health and campus culture, I think this really augments the role of Intramurals to give people a low-stress, recreational outlet that they can share with their friends.” – Alex Dalzell, IM Exec Board President ’16-17

The tangible Beaver Cup was built in May 2017 at MIT’s own Hobby Shop by Director Hayami Arakawa and Associate Instructor Coby Unger. The winning group’s name will be engraved on the cup each year, immortalizing that group and allowing their achievement to be on display until a new winner is crowned the following year!


Step One: Attend either beginning of fall or beginning of spring meeting

Step Two: Your percentage of rescheduled games and forfeits combined must be less than 33% per semester

  • This is for your organization/team as a whole
  • The 33% is not taken into account until games start
    • You are able to request reschedules before the season starts without it affecting your percentage


  • LGO is registered for dodgeball, soccer and flag football for the fall semester
  • They have a total of 18 regular season games (6 games per league)
  • LGO is able to reschedule up to 6 games in the fall and still be eligible to win the Beaver Cup
  • If they reschedule 7 games in the fall semester, they are unable to win the Beaver Cup

Difference between a forfeit and reschedule: 

  • Forfeit
    • Less than 24 hour notice/not showing up to game
    • $25 fine per forfeit
    • Counted toward beaver cup eligibility percentage
  • Reschedule
    • More than 24 hour notice
    • No fine
    • Counted toward beaver cup eligibility percentage


Groups will be given points for participation (attending a captain’s meeting), winning a league, or being runner-up in a league. Teams lose points for forfeiting.

  • Attending the captain’s meeting for a sport: 5 points (first two captain’s meetings a group attends each semester), 2 points (all other meetings attended)
  • Forfeit: -5 points (for forfeits which result in a team fine)
  • League Championship: 20 points (A league), 10 points (B league), 6 points (C league – typically not awarded since no playoffs)
  • League Runner-up: 10 points (A league), 5 points (B league), 3 points (C league – typically not awarded since no playoffs)


2022 – 2023: LGO

2021 – 2022: ChemE

2020 – 2021: Postponed Due to Coronavirus

2019 – 2020: Postponed Due to Coronavirus

2018-2019: ChemE

2017-2018: DKE

2016-2017: GAME

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