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Sport Managers

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Intramurals cannot exist without the leadership of MIT students.

This is a part-time (~3-5 hours/week) paid position for the season, and the bulk of the responsibilities are centered around getting the league set up, handling the captain’s meeting, and getting games scheduled. Once the league is underway, there is less upkeep involved. Without student leaders to run these sports, we wouldn’t be able to offer them!

Managers are responsible for:
  • Attending the Pre-Season Manager Meeting with the IM Executive Committee and IM Manager
  • Planning and organizing the sport’s season
  • Establishing sport rules for the season
  • Scheduling all games and obtaining referees
  • Regularly updating the IM Manager and Executive Committee of all changes
  • Attending Intramural Council meetings while their sport is in season
  • Keeping schedules, referee assignments, and league standings updated and posting or distributing them in an appropriate manner to the Captains and Executive Committee
  • Notifying teams of forfeits as they occur
  • Submitting fine cards in a timely manner
  • Submitting a written report to the IM Manager at the completion of the season

Please reach out to the intramural exec board ( if you have questions.

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