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Beaver Cup Eligibility

Steps taken to be eligible to win the Beaver Cup

Step One: Attend either beginning of fall or beginning of spring meeting

Step Two: Your percentage of rescheduled games and forfeits combined must be less than 33% per semester

  • This is for your organization/team as a whole
  • The 33% is not taken into account until games start 
    • You are able to request reschedules before the season starts without it affecting your percentage


  • LGO is registered for dodgeball, soccer and flag football for the fall semester 
  • They have a total of 18 regular season games (6 games per league)
  • LGO is able to reschedule up to 6 games in the fall and still be eligible to win the Beaver Cup
  • If they reschedule 7 games in the fall semester, they are unable to win the Beaver Cup

Difference between a forfeit and reschedule: 

  • Forfeit 
    • Less than 24 hour notice/not showing up to game 
    • $25 fine per forfeit
    • Counted toward beaver cup eligibility percentage
  • Reschedule
    • More than 24 hour notice
    • No fine
    • Counted toward beaver cup eligibility percentage


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