The fine system is used to penalize teams for not showing up for scheduled matches. For teams that do not follow the reschedule procedure and/or do not show up for a scheduled match, they will be subjected to a forfeit fine. With proper notification that a team can’t make a match, the Sport Manager can attempt to reschedule the match at a later point provided that facility space is available.

Common Forfeit Policy:

  • If the minimum number of players are not there by game time, the other team has the option of calling a forfeit on that team OR wait until 10 minutes.
  • If the team does not have the minimum number of players by 10 minutes past the scheduled game start, it counts as a forfeit.
  • The penalties associated with a forfeit can be avoided by communicating to the sport manager and opposing captain that you will not be able to field a team.  Further advance notice reduces the penalty, as it gives the manager a better opportunity to use that field/court time for other games:
  •      More than 72 hour advance notice results in no penalty.  We will try our best to reschedule the game but are limited by facility space. If the game cannot be rescheduled, it will not count towards your record.
  •      24 - 72 hour notice results in loss if game cannot be rescheduled (but no fine)
  •      Less than 24 hour notice results in forfeit and fine


Offense Fine
Missed captain's meeting
1st forfeited game
2nd forfeited game, disqualification from playoffs
3rd forfeited game, removal from league
Dropping out of league (once games have been scheduled)

All fines must be paid before a group can register again as a team.