Rules & Policies

Sport Rules

Kickball (summer)
League of Legends
Basketball (3 on 3 tournament)
Soccer, Indoor
Basketball (3 on 3 league) Soccer, Outdoor Fall (11 on 11)
Basketball (5 on 5) Soccer, Outdoor Fall (7 on 7)
Billiards Soccer, Outdoor Summer (7 on 7)
Cricket Softball
Dodgeball Squash
Floorball / Unihoc Table Tennis
Flag Football Tennis (team)
Foosball Ultimate Frisbee
Ice Hockey Volleyball
Kickball (spring)


Field Map

Outdoor Field map - Available here



Proper sportsmanship is expected of all teams at all times.  Attire and/or behavior that implies, or contains; inappropriate, offensive, or vulgar themes, language, images, or symbols, is not permitted within DAPER facilities. Individuals found with inappropriate attire can be denied participation in DAPER sponsored programs and events.  Staff decisions regarding attire policy enforcement are final. Refer to MIT’s Mind and Hand Book’s section on HarassmentFreedom of Expression, and Institute Expectations of Student Behavior and Integrity for further elaboration of standards and expectations.

The IM Office wants to know if you encounter particularly good or bad sportsmanship.  Please use THIS FORM to report both positive and negative experiences.