What exactly is the MIT IM Program? Who is on the Intramural Council?
Who organizes the program? What does "affiliated" mean?
Who can play? How can my group become affiliated?
Who governs the program? When and where are the Intramural Council meetings?
What are the requirements to hold an IM office? Where can I find out more information?
When are elections? What does being an Athletic Chair mean?

What exactly is the MIT IM Program?
The MIT Intramural Athletics Program involves thousands of students, both undergraduate and graduate (and some alumni, too), in a wide variety of sports. The program offers competition in about 18 sports per year. To ensure every student's chance for participation, each sport consists of leagues of varying skill levels. One of the main goals of the program is to provide students with the opportunity for recreation as an outlet from academic endeavors. [back to top]

Who organizes the program?
Students play a significant role in the administration of the Intramural Program. The Executive Committee makes policy and disciplinary decisions, student sport managers organize leagues, and other students officiate games. While some of these positions are paid, many require students to volunteer their time. Without the efforts and support of these students, the MIT Intramural Sports Program would suffer significantly. [back to top]

Who can play?
Everyone who is eligible to play intramurals at MIT must have a current DAPER membership* or have purchased a day pass to enter the facility and must fall within one of the following categories:
-MIT Student
-MIT Staff, Faculty, Instructors, Lecturers or Post Docs
-MIT Club of Boston Alumni *contact MITCoB for details surrounding IM membership
-Spouses/partners of any of the above

MIT intramural teams are open to women and men, and there are no male-to-female ratios that need to be adhered to in most cases. Some sports offer co-ed leagues, in which case there are male-to-female ratios that will be specified. [back to top]

Who governs the program?
The MIT IM Executive Committee is the group of five that makes the executive decisions for the Intramural Council. [back to top]

What are the requirements to hold an IM office?
There are no formal requirements. The job does not take a lot of time. We like to see people who are actively involved in the MIT Intramural Program and who are willing to exercise their leadership abilities. [back to top]

When are elections?
Elections for Chairperson and Vice Chairperson are held during the Intramural Council meeting in April. Elections for the Members-at-Large are also held during the April meeting. [back to top]

Who is on the Intramural Council?
The Intramural Council consists of all athletic chairs, the sport managers, and the members of the Executive Committee. [back to top]

What does "affiliated" mean?
If your group (usually a department, lab, club, or FSILG) is affiliated, if means you have agreed to participate in the administration of the Intramural Program. The group designates an athletic chair to act on their behalf. The athletic chair is required to attend meetings of the Intramural Council, at which information about upcoming sports will be distributed and elections may be held for Executive Committee officers.

In return for this participation, affiliated groups are given certain privileges. One of these is an exemption from the deposits certain sports require. Although all teams must pay entry fees as required by certain sports, unaffiliated teams must also pay a deposit to cover fines they may accrue. This deposit is refunded in full at the end of the season. (See the Intramural Handbook for information on obtaining your refund.) [back to top]

How can my group become affiliated?
The affiliation process is simple:
1. Attend the Intramural Council meeting each semester.
2. Pay any outstanding fines.
3. Fill out the necessary paperwork.
Additionally, if you were not affiliated during the previous semester, you must pay a $75 refundable deposit. You will then be considered "provisionally affiliated", which affords the same privileges as being fully affiliated. [back to top]

When and where are the Intramural Council meetings?
Four mandatory council meetings are held during the academic year, including two affiliation meetings at the beginning of each term during the second week of September/February and two general meetings during the second week of November/April. Additional meetings may be called if necessary. The meetings are typically on a weeknight around 7:30pm in a classroom on campus, but check this website for details.

Failure to attend an "affiliation meeting" will result in demotion of one level of status for your organization for that semester (i.e. affiliated members drop to provisional status, and provisionally affiliated members drop to unaffiliated status). Failure to attend a "general meeting" will result in a $15 fine for your group. [back to top]

Where can I find out more information?
Additional information about the Intramural Program or specific sports can be obtained in the IM office on the second floor of the Zesiger Center. [back to top]

What does being an Athletic Chair mean?
The Athletic Chair is the IM enthusiast of an FSILG, Department, Club or Office. They are expected to encourage peers to participate in IMs, attend semesterly meetings, help create and register teams, coordinate deposit/fee payments, and be the liaison between group & IM Office.  A 'quick guide' is available here with more details  [back to top]