This is MIT

For Students, By students the motto of the MIT IM program. This is to signify the tremendous effort that students put forth to organize and manage leagues, captain teams, and participate on the IM Council and IM Executive Committee.

IM's at MIT have a great tradition dating back decades upon decades, but to keep this program running it takes dedication and commitment from students at various levels — Executive Committee members, Athletic Chairs, Captains, Managers, and most importantly, all of the PARTICIPANTS!

Our Mission


The mission of the Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation is to bring students, faculty, and staff together in educational activities that promote healthy lifestyles, enhance a sense of community, foster growth in leadership and teamwork skills, and encourage the pursuit of excellence. The Intramural Office is dedicated to providing opportunities to engage in physical activity and fellowship in an organized sports environment.

Priorities of the Intramural Program

  • To provide a wide range of individual and team sports at varying levels of competitiveness the MIT community.
  • To provide opportunities for social interaction and the development of lasting friendships.
  • To create a welcoming and inclusionary environment for all MIT community members. If you need a disability accommodation in order to access our offerings, please email the Manager of Intramurals, Jamie Drahos at
  • To teach the value of sportsmanship, the principles of fair play, and a positive attitude.
  • To develop habits of participation in physical activity that can carry over into everyday living.


Athlete of the Month

Know someone who embodies the spirit of IMs and has made your IM experience more fun?  Nominate them for our Athlete of the Month award!

Recipients 2018-2019

Webster Guan, ChemE, November 2018
Benny Ng, ChemE and TPP, October 2018


Recipients 2017-2018

Carly Schissel, April 2018
Tim Ioannidis, April 2018
Graeme Sutcliffe
, March 2018
Kimberly Villalobos, March 2018
Lily Jordan
, November 2017
Turner Holthaus, Sloan
Nicolas Favier Gonzales, October 2017
Samantha Fletcher, October 2017


Recipients 2016-2017

Aristeidis Karalis, April 2017
Alexis D'Alessandro, April 2017
Michael DeLaus, November 2016
Sherry Chu, November 2016
David Bierman, October 2016
Kelly Hoffman, October 2016